Babylon 6 Charter Edit

Motivations for Babylon 6 Charter Edit

The Babylon 6 project has a solid core.
Principles underlying the project is based and whose hand any further decisions are taken.
These principles are held 6 Charter in Babylon.
With this foundation, we want to establish a place which is more than just a space station or a sector, anywhere in Star Citizen.
We want this premise create a place the player as your home in the verse feel.
For all those involved in this endeavor will certainly be a unique challenge,
off oriented by profit and profit targets to serve higher ideals.
The protection of their own home, the friends in the game and the innocent who wanted to pursue only their own paths.

Core principles of the Charter Babylon 6 Edit

  • §-1. Protect the players in Babylon 6 sector
  • §-2. No raids in Babylon 6 sector
  • §-3. Help players in need, even if only by the alarm station
  • §-4. Last not anyone comes to the basis to give assistance to damage
  • §-5. Each organization in Babylon 6 project in relation the same rights and obligations
  • §-6. The space station is a neutral territory, even in war
  • §-7. Compliance with the rules, you are designed to protect all

Limits of Babylon 6 Charter Edit

  • Personnel

The project is based on the participation of volunteers who have built up a level of security. It is probably not possible everywhere to put us be the laws of the station by. In general the more one moves away from the station, the less power, the Charter of the station.

  • spatial boundaries

The Charter of the station applies to the sector in which the space station is.
Beyond the jump points that lead out of the system with other systems may void the effectiveness of Babylon 6 Charter

  • Time limits limits

There will always be new players, even though their number will vary.
We can not expect that every new player on the heard somewhere Ever some of our project that would be presumptuous.

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