The Council of Ambassadors

The Council Edit

This government institution, the ambassadors of the space station Babylon 6 are summarized. Within this Council, there are six departments, the circle of the Council.

  • safety
  • logistics
  • economy
  • research
  • health service
  • diplomacy

These compasses work rules and adjustments for the station in the form of new modules or accompanying and protecting ships. For implementation of the coordination within this Ambassador Council is necessary.

Compasses Edit

The individual circles are made up of ambassadors their organizations to deal with the matters at issue and therefore have a rule on special expertise.
Each circle has an elected member of the depending on the discretion of the circle may be only one speaker or even the head of the circle.

Ambassador Declaration

Each organization that participates in the space station Babylon 6 sends a player as an ambassador. (not as Main) This player takes the opinions, ideas and wishes of its organization within the Babylon 6 Council.
An ambassador may have an attaché, this serves as a support and representation.

Attaché, Declaration Edit

This is a helper or substitute supports the ambassadors of an organization.
An attaché does not have a vote right in the Council, however, may be appointed as a representative of his ambassador, if this can not appear to be a vote.

Tasks of the Ambassador

Each ambassador has basically even if their expression is different, the same duties depending on the topic and focus of each circle:

  • Creation, updating and adapting the Babylon 6 Charter
  • Decision about the equipment of the space station
  • Assessment of infractions of the station crew

Assessment of their own organizations for security clearance Limits of an ambassador
Each ambassador has only one vote and it is not transferable except to their own Attaché
The Ambassador is the crew and visitors to the station to non-payment may at any influence may only be indirect, through the Charter and the security clearances
For a vote in the Council of the ambassador, a clear majority (5 votes difference between Yes and No)

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